Who is Walter Copeland II?

A Nutritionist

An Educator

A Health & Life Coach

A Business Consultant

Walter E. Copeland II has been the C.E.O. of WC Fitness for over ten years. It is a fitness establishment that focuses on rehabilitation, muscle hypertrophy, and nutrition counseling to educate the masses on the importance of living a better quality of life and how proper nutrients can stave off medical conditions and ailments. His twenty years of experience, academic background, and community outreach programs allow his establishment to create personalized wellness programs for all clientele while dismissing myths regarding healthy eating and strength training protocols.

Being an Alumni of Purdue University of Health Sciences and obtaining an MBA from Lincoln University of Pennsylvania helped construct his overall vantage on health and business. In addition, completing credentials as a Certified Health and Life Coach (CHC., CHC.), Exercise and Sports nutritionist (Pn1) played an instrumental part in understanding individuals’ behavior changes that were vital for elongating life span while understanding generational predicaments that hinder life progression. While in the midst of completing his M.S. in Applied Nutrition from Lamar University, he wanted to understand how food continues to play a role in cultural habits and societal trends. In conjunction with his primary role as the C.E.O., He teaches an array of nutritional and multidisciplinary courses for the international Sports and Conditioning Association and business courses permitting him to give back to entrepreneurs, health practitioners, and aspirants by integrating education along with applicable principles.

As Walter continues to embark on his journey as a catalyst for change, dispelling myths of the norm of healthy eating would require strategic planning and proactive coaching techniques that can eventually change the perspective of the “WHY” factor and determine the prerequisites for assisting individuals in staying consistent rather than just existing from a day-to-day standpoint. His love for the community and blatant health disparities inspires him to give back.

Degrees, Certifications, and Accomplishments:  

  • Doctor of Medical Science, Northeastern University, Doctoral Student
  • MBA, Lincoln University of Pennsylvania
  • MS Applied Nutrition, Lamar Univerity
  • BS, Health Sciences, Purdue University
  • Health Behavior; Yale University
  • Certified Health and Life Coach: Health Coach Institute (HCI)
  • Exercise & Sports Nutritionist, Precision Nutrition
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