Walter E. Copeland II is a renowned fitness and sports nutritional coach. He is passionate about helping people overcome blockages and obstacles preventing them from achieving the health goals they desire. In 2004, Walter made his entry into the fitness world first as a Personal Trainer and then as Fitness Director at Bally's Total Fitness Club. While seeking his passion in the health and wellness field, he pursued a degree in Health Science at Purdue University. At that time, he realized that he had a passion for fitness along with improving the lives of the people around him. He has since taken this passion out into the community where he speaks on the topic of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and mindset. 

In 2012,  Walter established his own fitness organization, WC Fitness in Philadelphia, PA. Opening WC Fitness has allowed him to not only train individuals but create specific fitness programs to help people from all different backgrounds. While being the owner at WC Fitness, he has partnered with many companies to ensure people understand the true meaning of  "healthy Living".  His background consists of being a Sports Nutritionist/Nutritionist with Precision Nutrition(Pn1). Along with that, certifying individuals through nutritionist Coaching with ISCA has helped people understand the basics of eating healthy.

Expertise: Physical Rehabilitation, Body Sculpting, Clients with Injuries/Physical Limitations. Accomplishments 2016, 2017, 2018 NGA All Natural Bodybuilding, Mr. Philadelphia, 1st place, Masters, 2nd place.